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COLORBOND® steel has been part of the Australian landscape for 50 years, and now its legendary lifespan is also worldwide renowned. In this time, the products have been finessed, continuously tested, the technology advanced and the colour range expanded – the innovation never stops. Durability, versatility, strength and brilliant colour palette are the strongest advantages of COLORBOND® steel which has been rigorously tested under various climatic conditions, including the harshest ones. 


Equipped with Advanced Technologies 

As one of the world’s most advanced pre-painted steel products for the building and construction industry, COLORBOND® steel has been designed to provide an excellent strength of the steel base, the corrosion resistant coating with ZINCALUME® technology and advanced paint technology that has excellent resistance to peeling, chipping and cracking. To add more, COLORBOND® steel includes the most recent innovation, Thermatech® Technology, introduced in 2013, which supports an effective way to reduce the energy load of the building through less reliance on air-conditioning, providing more comfort with smarter heat regulation and energy efficient. The summarized result is a smaller environmental footprint. 

COLORBOND® steel becomes the ideal choice for its lightweight, protection, easy installation, and simple maintenance. With its leading technology, customize shapes and colours and enhanced protective coating substrate, making COLORBOND® steel one of the world's toughest, most advanced building materials that will stand the test of time. 



COLORBOND® steel has been tested by leading scientists and engineers in laboratories and real-world exposure testing sites, meaning it is far more than just “paint on steel”. The continuous technology development, creative and diverse applications prove COLORBOND® as a very versatile choice for building material. With customizable shape, texture, profile, and colours, COLORBOND® steel also protects the building looking better for longer.


Our Respect for the Environment 

We, at COLORBOND® steel, are committed to protecting the environment while maintaining responsible products and supply chains. We have a proud heritage of product innovation, working to enhance the beneficial use of our products, reduce material usage and extend product life. We support a circular steel economy by developing products that are made efficiently with the least impact on natural resources and the local environment. We operate our facilities with due respect to the environment and communities. We also maintain our customers as our partners by providing them the information and services they need. 


COLORBOND® Steel Around the World 

The best designs are the ones that successfully brought to life. Our coated steel is designed for visionaries, bold and innovative project owners and architects. We value and appreciate designers’ unique visions and ideas. From traditional conservative homes to asymmetrical buildings, COLORBOND® steel offers flexibility and versatility. 

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Opened in 2019, the Penguin Parade Visitor Centre provides contrasts, a state-of-the- art, sharp angled and modern building. The new building offers a theatre, a dedicated education wing, an interpretive habitat space which provides a ‘penguin’s view’ of the world, as well as a range of dining and retail facilities. 

Designed by Terroir, the star-shaped building won two Victorian Architecture Awards and an International Architecture Award. 

COLORBOND® Ultra steel in the custom colour Cosmic® was specified for its suitability for the severe marine environment and visually complemented the zinc tiles used on the facades of the building. 


Another example is Marina Bay Sand’s Esplanade, a Singapore’s premier performing arts centre and retail outlets. Visitors will not miss two eye-catching spiky dome- shaped exteriors upon arrival. These twin-domes are lightweight, curve-shaped frames that were fitted with over 7000 triangular glasses and sunshades. This design allows natural light flowing into the building throughout the day, giving it a dramatic look from the shadow and textures of the building’s materials. 


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COLORBOND® Ultra steel was incorporated by the designers, DP Architects + Michael Wilford & Partners, to this stunning architecture to meet the Esplanade's technically demanding structure. This is a testament to our ability in meeting all kinds of design expectations by developing high-quality, cost-effective products. 


COLORBOND® Steel in Indonesia 

Sasando, the traditional music instrument was interpreted as the main element of the Nusa Tenggara Timur Governor Office building at the centre of Kupang City. In 2014, the provincial government held a contest to determine the building’s shape in order to replace the old building that was on fire in 2013. Designed by Pandu Persada, the ‘Sasando’ resemblance was made with COLORBOND® steel to provide flexibility, strength and precision. 

Sasando representation of Nusa Tenggara Timur Governor OfficeAnother structure that we highly admire is Jakarta International Equestrian Park in Pulomas, Jakarta. A very stunning design by PDW Architect. Inspired by jumping horses in a Jumping Show event, the Jakarta International Equestrian Park in Pulomas, East Jakarta was renovated for 2018’s ASIAN Games. Its roof and façade curvy shapes not only represent the elegance of jumping horses, but its strength also becomes a statement that only COLORBOND® steel can deliver. 

Jumping horses interpretation in Jakarta International Equestrian Park

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