COLORBOND® Transforming Vision Into Reality

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As an international brand that has been established for more than 50 years, COLORBOND® pre-painted steel is known for its high quality of strength, long-lasting performance, and innovation. COLORBOND® high-class steel has been used for many masterpiece buildings and also homes around the world, which also proves its versatility. COLORBOND® is designed for visionaries, bold and innovative project owners, investors and architects, to build a legacy that still can be enjoyed and studied for next generations. 


Durability Over the Last 50+ Years 

Ever since the first coil of COLORBOND® steel rolled off the production line at Port Kembla, Wollongong, Australia in 1966, the technology and innovation never stops. The key identity of COLORBOND® as the pre-painted steel has been greatly improved since its first years. It has been tested in Australia’s harshest condition. COLORBOND® continuously observe and asses its materials at the outdoor exposure sites over extreme heat, cold, rain, wind and dust, as well as laboratory testing. To ensure its strength and durability to the highest expectations, COLORBOND® steel also undergoes corrosion testing, from moderate to very severe marine environment, from tropical to industrial locations. 




Steel is now gaining more popularity as the world changes. Extreme weather, earthquakes, air pollution and any other factors, makes steel as the perfect material for the future buildings. COLORBOND®’s real-world tests on the actual various environments, with different applications (indoors and outdoors) over the years gives off the results of strong, durable and versatile forms of coated steel for a variety of applications which include roofing, walling, guttering, fences, sheds and warehouses to specialist architectural panels for distinctive cladding applications, from small homes to large commercial buildings. What’s more, COLORBOND®'s lightweight nature and modular design means it’s quick and easy to install, resulting in minimal waste and effort. COLORBOND® custom shapes can be used to create nearly every component of a building. It can also be used to coat surfaces to accommodate any designer’s unique vision. 


More Than Just Paint on Steel 

Colours are also COLORBOND®’s main point. The BlueScope’s revolutionary paint system provides a durable, baked-on paint finish that resists peeling, chipping, cracking, corrosion, dust and stain, as well as colour stability to withstand the weather exposure for 

COLORBOND® steel products. The proprietary paint system is a result of extensive Research and Development testing, which proves COLORBOND®’s protective coating innovation provides superior durability against weathering and UV penetration and much better delamination resistance when compared with other pre-painted steel. 

With Clean Technology, BlueScope developed a paint system which resist dirt staining which caused by a combination of airborne particles, heat and humidity. COLORBOND® steel provides resistance from the airborne particles like dirt to be settled on its surface, not like the conventional pre-painted steel. This technology will maintain the surface and appearance of the building from looking dirty and aged, it retains its vibrant and beautiful colour for the longer periods. 

The vibrant and brilliant colours of COLORBOND® assure that there is always a perfect colour to choose from for any project. Subtle or bold, light or dark, cool or warm, COLORBOND® optimum paint formulation and pigment blends provide superior long- term colour stability and against paint withering, to preserve the beauty of your newly built project for as long as possible. 


Thermal Efficient Comfort 

A strong, great looking and long-life performance are a few of the requirements when we choose a roofing material. COLORBOND® steel not only delivers those, but also will help your home more energy efficient. When you can be less dependence with the air conditioner, you will save the electricity bill and also the earth. 

With BlueScope’s Thermatech® solar reflectance technology, the solar reflectance ability is increased without affecting the colour shade. Hence COLORBOND® steel, incorporated with Thermatech® technology, is able to deliver better thermal performance compared to conventional paint of the same colour, ultimately lowering the heat transmitted through the roof into the living space. Lower heat transmitted means better thermal comfort and less air-conditioner dependence. 


Easy Maintenance 

With the real-world test proven durable material and colour longevity, comes the easy maintenance. A simple, regular washing with fresh, clean water will not only prolong its life but also maintain its corrosion resistance plus aesthetic appeal. With the proper cleaning, COLORBOND® steel will maintain its attractiveness for longer periods thus protect your asset, as well as giving you many years of easy maintenance life. 


Art Meets Science 

The best designs are more than just inspirational art. We often admire its durability, how it survives and transcend boundaries through time, gaining longevity, admiration, 

recognition and value. It still can be admired and studied for years to decades to centuries, from one generation to the next ones. Designs are claimed to be masterpiece once it’s excelled in many aspects. To support the unique and innovative shapes, materials that provide flexibility can realise visions and bring imaginations to life, making a long lasting impression. It’s when the art meets science. Where technology and innovation never stops. That’s COLORBOND® steel. 

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