Toughness and Wonderfulness of COLORBOND®

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Architects have long been associated with sophisticated designs and high-end materials. It’s not necessarily the most expensive materials are the best ones, but the proven quality from actual real-world test speaks louder than any spoken claims. COLORBOND® steel is continuously undergone accelerated laboratory scientific tests and outdoor exposure tests. COLORBOND® only offers high quality steel which approved by experienced architects: durability, strength, flexibility, versatility, customizability, easy maintenance, and the brilliant colours that looks at its best for longer periods of time.


Building, infrastructure, public facilities and house designs have shifted to a whole new level nowadays. The collaboration – or we often also call it as ‘co-creation’ – between architects, building and industry technologists, each inspiring the other, has never been greater. There’s a new freedom to create bold new structures, or to incorporate grand new enhancement renovations to existing designs. COLORBOND® highly appreciates and supports designers’ imagination, vision and creativity in transforming their designs reality without compromising on the quality itself.


Layers of Protection and Sustainability


COLORBOND® steel base is manufactured to meet highest world standard, ensuring strict adherence to the required grade and strength quality. The chemical composition and incorporated layered coatings provide enhanced corrosion resistance. From pretreatment to topcoat, all layers are specially developed and equipped with the latest enhanced technology to provide protection as well as chipping, flaking and blistering resistance, also to ensure the finish retains its look for longer.


Each layer of COLORBOND® has its own properties. As we live in Indonesia, the tropical country with high humidity and heat, the Thermatech® technology delivers the solar reflectance ability to perform a better thermal regulation compared to other conventional painted steel. It ultimately targets at lowering the heat transmission from the exterior into the interior. This means COLORBOND® complies with energy saving in decreasing the usage of air-conditioners.


Currently, an environmentally friendly factor for a structure is a game-changer. It’s a trend, but also a standard for newly built structures. Sustainability starts from the roof down, with low-maintenance and lower waste. COLORBOND® ensures longer performance cycle without the need for complicated repair and maintenance. Just a regular, simple washing should preserve its maximum performance.


Colour Statement


COLORBOND® allows any designers feel free to transform their creativity in shape, form, and colour into reality. The carefully curated classic and contemporary colours from COLORBOND® palette empowers designers and project owners to confidently express themselves. Each hue, shade, tint and tone are an expression of individual style. It’s one of the most personal and powerful elements.


The “All-Rounder”


The most common applications for COLORBOND® steel are roofing and wall cladding, where its strength and durability qualities to outdoor exposure shines the most. More than just paint on steel, COLORBOND® is an ideal choice for tropical climates and withstand the harsh seasons, all year round.


A roof can simply lie flat and let the rest of the structure speak. Or it can soar in shapes and textures that make the clouds above quite envious. No traditionalist rules in architecture and design trends apply its restrictions. Steel roofing made from COLORBOND® steel is an iconic building product and has proven its value time and time again as a good-looking sleek material. It completes the overall design with an extra finishing touch, just like a cherry on top of a cake. It suits a wide range of architectural styles and it’s available in a wide range of profiles, including traditional corrugated and other customizable contemporary options.


Wall cladding manufactured from COLORBOND® steel is undoubtedly attractive design solution for commercial and industrial projects. It can also be used as an eye-catching design feature in residential applications. Steel has become more popular as the cladding material due to its sleek look and how it can alter a structure’s surface into a design statement. It’s bendable and shape-able, without losing its strength and its colour performance.


Global Artworks

Inspired by metal and wood shavings, this roofscape is a celebration of the sensual expression that steel can provide.


Trades North in Western Australia is a building that explores the potential of the steel to build character and express purpose. The sheeting made from COLORBOND® steel provided flexibility for creating curves. It was shaped from a single piece, resulting in less maintenance and less leakage in the roof system. There were also cost advantages deriving from the speed of construction and assembly provided by steel, and the lightweight of the overall structure.


Designed by JCY Architects and Urban Designers, COLORBOND® steel was chosen by the designers because it was the most cost-effective, robust, easy to replace and durable.

The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) is home to cancer research, clinical services and educational facilities for Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne Health and the University of Melbourne, and brings together seven additional leading cancer organisations to form a collaborative effort to focus on improving patient and research outcomes.


The design of the VCCC rejects typical associations with the institutional. The architects wanted it to be instantly recognizable with a “dynamic, fluid and organic” form.


The majority of the cladding was supplied in the striking COLORBOND® Metallic steel colour Celestian™ for use in various applications throughout the structure.


All in all, COLORBOND® steel is an ideal building material for a vast range of applications that demand good looks and design flexibility. You’re free to design with confidence knowing that COLORBOND® steel has been a highly reliable material which created carefully with the “all-rounder” versatility in mind.

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