Eco Friendly Roof: Advantages of COLORBOND® Steel Material at Kuningan LRT Station

18 Sep 2023

Eco Friendly Roof: Advantages of COLORBOND® Steel Material at Kuningan LRT Station


The construction of the Light Rail Transit (LRT) in Jakarta reflects the government's proactive steps to address the long-standing issue of traffic congestion in the capital city. On the other hand, the JABODEBEK (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, Tangerang) LRT project is considered a strategic move that has been successful and was inaugurated on August 28, 2023. The presence of this LRT project is expected to inspire the public to use public transportation more actively, which is not only efficient in mobility but also Eco friendly.


COLORBOND® Angsana Stone LRT Kuningan.jpg

Kuningan LRT Station


The construction of the LRT serves not only as a solution to the problem of traffic congestion but also as a progressive step in addressing the challenges of environmental sustainability and increasing mobility. Additionally, the choice of superior construction materials is one of the crucial aspects of the LRT development process.


Choosing the right construction materials is key to ensuring the sustainability, safety, and operational efficiency of the LRT.Therefore, the choice of materials should be based on a comprehensive evaluation that considers various factors, ranging from quality to environmental impact and cost aspects.


The Use of COLORBOND® Material at Kuningan LRT Station Beautifies Transit Stations or Interchanges Like Cawang Station.


At Kuningan LRT Station, the use of COLORBOND® steel material on the tunnel roof has transformed the station's appearance into a modern architectural masterpiece. COLORBOND®  material is one of the superior construction materials  that has been widely used in various infrastructure projects. When applied at Kuningan LRT Station, COLORBOND® brings a harmonious and modern design concept to the structure of this station.


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Kuningan LRT Station

•    Stunning Aesthetics
One of the most striking aspects of using COLORBOND® at Kuningan LRT Station is its stunning visual appearance. With a variety of color options and available finishes, the station becomes not only a transit hub but also an architectural masterpiece. The beautiful colors can provide a strong identity to the station, making it easily recognizable to passengers.


•    Functional Aspect
In addition to aesthetics, the use of COLORBOND® at Kuningan LRT Station also has crucial functional aspects. This material is resistant to extreme weather conditions, corrosion, and heavy loads, ensuring the station's safety and resilience in various environmental conditions. Kuningan LRT Station is not just an ordinary transit point but also a city landmark that attracts attention.


Key Advantages of COLORBOND® Steel in the Kuningan LRT Project

1.    Extreme Weather Resistance
COLORBOND® steel is the preferred choice in the Kuningan LRT project due to its exceptional resistance to extreme weather conditions. Intense sunlight, heavy rain, and extreme temperature changes will not affect its structural integrity. This makes it ideal for tropical environments like Jakarta, which often experience extreme weather.


2.    Corrosion Resistance
The reliability of COLORBOND® steel in resisting corrosion and rust is a valuable asset in infrastructure projects operating year-round. This material not only maintains the project's aesthetics but also ensures long-term safety and durability against damage caused by weather and the environment.


3.    Diverse Color Options
COLORBOND® steel offers a wide range of color and finishing options, allowing for attractive designs and customization to match the project's aesthetics. This enables the Kuningan LRT project to create an appealing appearance and convey a strong identity.


4.    Design Flexibility
The flexibility in using COLORBOND® steel allows designers to be creative with various shapes and structures. This enables innovative designs for Kuningan LRT Station that meet strict technical requirements.


5.    Eco friendly Technology
COLORBOND® steel allows the Kuningan LRT project to support sustainability principles through the use of Eco friendly materials . The recyclability of this material helps reduce environmental impact and create a more sustainable project.


6.    Long-Term Investment
The use of COLORBOND® steel is a smart long-term investment. The sustainability and durability of this material reduce long-term maintenance costs, adding value to the Kuningan LRT project.


7.    Structural Strength
COLORBOND® steel provides high structural strength, which is crucial in infrastructure projects like LRT stations. This material can withstand heavy loads and ensure passenger safety and structural integrity.


The Kuningan LRT Station is not only a vital point in the transportation network but also a concrete example of how the right material selection can bring beauty and superior performance to building construction. COLORBOND® Steel plays a crucial role in meeting the infrastructure project's needs. Get COLORBOND® steel by contacting us