Technology Innovation and Sustainability: COLORBOND® Gull Grey in the Indonesia Arena Stadium Project

04 Sep 2023

Technology Innovation and Sustainability: COLORBOND® Gull Grey in the Indonesia Arena Stadium Project


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Indonesia Arena Stadium


The rapid advancement of technology and the increasing awareness of the need to maintain the sustainability of modern stadium construction projects have reached the pinnacle of innovation. By transforming the stadium's appearance into a work of art that combines technology with ecological principles. One example is the Indonesian Arena Stadium or the Indoor Multifunction Stadium (IMS) at Gelora Bung Karno (GBK), a versatile stadium that is shining as the prestigious host of the FIBA World Cup 2023.

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Indoor Indonesia Arena Stadium


The ambitious Stadion Indonesia Arena construction project spanning 20 months has turned this stadium into a focal point in the preparations for hosting the FIBA World Cup 2023. With its large capacity and advanced facilities, the Indonesia Arena Stadium is expected to become an ideal venue for world-level basketball competitions. The stadium is built with a green building concept that leverages cutting-edge technology, including Building Information Modeling (BIM), as well as the choice of COLORBOND® Gull Grey color, which not only pleases the eye but also is environmentally friendly.


Utilization of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Air Circulation and Natural Lighting


The green building concept of Indonesia Arena Stadium is supported by Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, enabling efficient planning and management of the building. BIM integration allows designers to optimize air circulation and natural lighting, thereby minimizing electricity usage. The combination of well-thought-out design and this technology aids in creating a cool and comfortable environment within the stadium.


The Advantages of COLORBOND® Gull Grey in the Stadion Indonesia Arena Project:

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  1. Thermatech® Technology for Temperature Regulation

COLORBOND® Gull Grey is equipped with the innovative Thermatech® technology. This technology enables the roof to reflect a significant portion of the sun's heat, keeping the temperature inside the stadium comfortable even on hot days. This is crucial for optimizing the comfort of players and spectators during events at the Indonesia Arena Stadium.


  1. Energy Efficiency

With its Thermatech® capabilities, COLORBOND® Gull Grey can yield significant energy savings, supporting the stadium's goals as a sustainable building.


  1. Resistance to Extreme Weather

Stadiums are often exposed to extreme weather conditions, ranging from scorching heat to heavy rain. COLORBOND® Gull Grey exhibits resilience against such extreme weather conditions, maintaining the sturdiness of the roof over the long term without requiring intensive maintenance.


  1. Elegant Aesthetics

The COLORBOND® Gull Grey color provides an elegant and modern appearance to the stadium. This visual beauty can enhance the stadium's allure, creating a more appealing environment.


  1. Durability and Longevity

COLORBOND® Gull Grey material is designed for exceptional longevity and durability. Its reliability in facing various environmental elements and weather makes it a valuable long-term investment for projects like the Stadion Indonesia Arena


  1. Low Maintenance Costs

With its enduring strength and resistance to extreme weather, COLORBOND® Gull Grey reduces the need for regular maintenance. This minimizes long-term operational costs and allows for greater focus on stadium operations and development.


  1. Compatibility with Green Building Concepts

COLORBOND® Gull Grey aligns with the green building concept embraced by Stadion Indonesia Arena. Its advantages in reducing energy usage and environmental impact make it suitable for projects focused on sustainability.


The Indonesia Arena Stadium construction project has combined technological innovation and sustainability awareness into an impressive solution. With the use of COLORBOND® Gull Grey equipped with Thermatech® technology as the roof material, the Stadion Indonesia Arena not only becomes a comfortable stadium for matches but also makes a positive contribution to the environment. The success of Stadion Indonesia Arena as a modern stadium can serve as an inspirational example for future development projects that focus on advanced technology and sustainability. Explore various project inspirations  with COLORBOND®. Achieve an elegant and modern appearance with COLORBOND® Standard by contacting us .


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