Astra Biz Center BSD

10 Apr 2023

Astra Biz Center BSD


Astra Biz Center located in BSD City is an integrated service center that provides services from various companies within the Astra Group. This is a single door for various products and services offered by Astra Group entities, creating convenience and comfort for customers who seek various solutions from this trusted group of companies.




The modern minimalist concept promoted by the Astra Biz Center is a representation of Astra Group's commitment to building design innovation and quality. This building reflects the company's principles of always being at the forefront of their industry. Clean and functional building design creates an ideal environment for a variety of business activities and meetings.




Apart from that, the Astra Biz Center also functions as a meeting and collaboration place for various companies under the Astra Group umbrella. It facilitates the exchange of ideas and innovation, creating opportunities for sustainable business growth and development.


With Astra Biz Center, Astra Group not only offers high quality products and services, but also creates a dynamic and futuristic community center in BSD City. This building design is clear proof that Astra Group is committed to responding to the future needs of their customers while continuing to innovate in everything they do.