ICE BSD, Smart City Icon with Sustainable Architectural Innovation

06 Oct 2023

ICE BSD, Smart City Icon with Sustainable Architectural Innovation




Indonesia Convention Exhibition


The Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), located in BSD City, Tangerang, has long been one of the leading venues for various types of events, be it business conferences, exhibitions, concerts or international meetings. The main advantage of ICE BSD is its very large and spacious size, making it one of the largest and most spacious multi-purpose buildings in all of Indonesia. ICE BSD City also reflects a strong commitment to environmental desires by using Eco friendly materials  in its construction. 


In recent years, ICE BSD City has won a number of prestigious awards that have confirmed its reputation as one of the best venues in Indonesia. These awards include The 8th Indonesia MICE Awards 2015 in the Best Exhibition Hall category, the COLORBOND® 2017 Award in the Best Building Performance category, and the prestigious FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence Awards 2017 in the Purpose Built category. This is clear evidence of ICE BSD's dedication in providing the best experience to its visitors and making it one of the leading event centers in Southeast Asia.


ICE BSD City Sustainable Architectural Innovation


1. Building design and selection of e materials
ICE BSD City was built by considering environmental impacts. The building design was designed to optimize the use of natural light, reduce energy consumption and minimize construction waste. In addition, in selecting materials, priority is given to Eco friendly materials.

2.    Use of Green Technology
Green technology is widely implemented at ICE BSD City. This includes the use of sustainable water treatment systems, efficient cooling systems, as well as the use of renewable energy such as solar panels.


3.    Efficient Resource Management
Involves the efficient use of water and energy, wise waste management, and optimizing the use of space in the building.

4.    Integration with public transportation
ICE BSD City is integrated with public transportation systems, such as train stations or bus terminals, helping to reduce the number of private vehicles to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and facilitating easy access for visitors.


The advantages of COLORBOND® Gull Grey steel for the roof of the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) in BSD City


COLORBOND® Gull Grey.jpg




1. Sunlight Reflectivity
COLORBOND® has excellent sunlight reflectivity. This helps reduce the heat absorbed by the roof and helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside the building. This reflectivity also has the potential to reduce cooling loads and energy usage to control the temperature inside the building.

2. Weather Resistance
COLORBOND® Gull Grey steel has high resistance to extreme weather conditions, including rain, sunlight, wind, and corrosion. This means the roof will continue to look good and protect the building from harsh weather elements for years.

3. Lightweight
COLORBOND® steel is lightweight compared to some other roofing materials, which means it doesn't exert excessive pressure on the building's structure. This low weight assists in structural planning and overall building maintenance.

4. Aesthetics
The Gull Grey color provides an elegant and modern look   to the building's roof. This creates a professional and contemporary impression, suitable for commercial buildings like ICE BSD City.

5. Eco - Friendly
COLORBOND® steel is an Eco Friendly material as it is recyclable. The use of recyclable materials helps reduce construction waste and supports sustainable building practices.

6. Energy and Cost Savings
With its reflective ability to sunlight, the Gull Grey roof can help reduce energy consumption for cooling rooms, leading to significant energy savings and long-term cost reduction for ICE BSD City.


COLORBOND® steel roofs not only provide functional advantages in terms of durability and energy efficiency, but also enrich building aesthetics and support eco friendly sustainability
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