Pasar Skouw, Jayapura, Papua

10 Apr 2023

Pasar Skouw, Jayapura, Papua


This unique market is a place that facilitates buying and selling transactions between two bordering countries, namely Indonesia (Jayapura, Papua) and Papua New Guinea. Its spacious location provides an opportunity for people from both sides of the border to easily meet their needs.


COLORBOND® Angsana Stone Pasar Ppaua.jpg

One of the interesting features of this market is its special roof. The buliding design of this market features a unique roof. The roof of this market was built using COLORBOND® Angsana Stone steel which has been equipped with Thermatech® Solar Reflectance technology. This technology helps reduce heat absorbed by the roof, so that the temperature inside the market can remain cooler. This is an important step considering the geographic location of the market which may frequently experience high temperatures.




Not only in terms of functionality, but also aesthetics, COLORBOND® Angsana Stone steel roofing adds a touch of beauty to this market. The architectural inspiration from the use of color and texture on its roof creates a unique visual appeal, blending harmoniously with the surrounding environment.


The combination of the special roof design, Thermatech® Solar Reflectance technology, and COLORBOND® Angsana Stone steel material makes this market a place that is not only comfortable and functional but also visually attractive. This roof is one of the elements that characterizes this market as a special destination for local people and visitors.


Skouw Market is not only a place for commercial transactions, but also a symbol of peace and cross-border cooperation that reflects the spirit of mutual respect and cooperation between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. With a wide range of products on offer and intermingling cultures, this market is an embodiment of the strong ties between these two countries, making it a special and important place in the border region.


In addition, the large location of this market allows traders to offer a variety of products, ranging from agricultural products to regional handicrafts. The buliding design, which optimizes space, creates significant economic opportunities for the local community.