MG Private House Jakarta

13 Jun 2023

MG Private House Jakarta


MG Private House Jakarta located in Jakarta is a residence that presents uniqueness through the choice of roof and walls using Colorbond® Cocoa Brown. This brown color gives a fresh and cool impression to the house, also creating an appearance that is truly unique and different from other houses in the surrounding area.


Colorbond® Cocoa Brown MG Private House Jakarta.jpg


The brown color in home design brings warmth and calm. Jakarta, with its tropical climate which tends to be hot, often makes residents look for ways to maintain comfort in their homes. Using Colorbond® Cocoa Brown is not only aesthetic, but also serves to reduce the feeling of heat in the house.


Apart from aesthetic and comfort benefits, Private house Jakarta also integrates Thermatech technology from Colorbond®. This technology is specifically designed to keep indoor temperatures cool, even under hot sunlight. By using Colorbond® Cocoa Brown equipped with Thermatech, this home gets an additional layer of protection that helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature at all times.


MG Private House Modern Tropis.jpg

The main benefit of cooler indoor temperatures is energy efficiency. With lower temperatures inside the home, homeowners can reduce the use of air conditioners and fans, which generally results in significant energy savings and contributes to reduced electricity bills.


In addition to its practical benefits, the use of Colorbond® Cocoa Brown gives the home a natural and environmentally friendly appearance. This color is inspired by nature, creating a harmonious connection with the surrounding environment. This makes MG Private House Jakarta an extraordinary example of residence and different from the others in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Jakarta.


Are you curious about the complete story of MG Privat House? Watch the video with Ares Budhianto as an Architect from Cowema Studio who was involved with the MG House project on "Exploring a Modern Barn House Concept on the Edge of Jakarta"