PT NS BlueScope Cilegon

10 Apr 2023

PT NS BlueScope Cilegon


COLORBOND®PT NS Bluescope.jpg


As a hub for producing high-quality steel, the office building of PT NS BlueScope Cilegon has been meticulously designed. This structure embodies the company's commitment to providing an optimal working environment for its employees while supporting efficient and high-quality production processes.


A critical aspect of the building's design is its high walls and roof. These elements were carefully chosen to ensure proper air circulation throughout the premises. The optimal height of the walls and roof allows fresh air to flow freely, creating a comfortable and healthy workspace for all within.


COLORBOND®NS BlueScope Cilegon.jpg


Furthermore, the use of COLORBOND® for the building's roof and walls is a smart decision. This material is renowned for its reliability in withstanding heat and extreme weather conditions. By utilizing COLORBOND® on both the roof and walls, the building can withstand fluctuating weather and extreme temperatures. This not only enhances comfort but also helps reduce energy costs required to maintain a stable indoor temperature.


The entire building design reflects PT NS BlueScope Cilegon's dedication to producing high-quality steel products. With a well-thought-out building design and top-quality materials like COLORBOND®, the company can maintain its reputation as a leading steel manufacturer ready to compete in the global market.