Earth Tone COLORBOND® Colors: Harmonious Combinations for Tropical Buildings in Indonesia

10 Jul 2023

Earth Tone COLORBOND® Colors: Harmonious Combinations for Tropical Buildings in Indonesia


Indonesia, with its warm and humid tropical climate all year round, demands special attention when it comes to selecting building materials that can withstand and perform optimally in extreme tropical weather conditions. Buildings in tropical regions must be able to withstand intense sunlight, heavy rainfall, high humidity, and drastic temperature changes. In this article, we will explore the factors to consider when choosing building materials for the tropical climate in Indonesia.

Choosing the Right Building Material, when selecting materials for tropical climates, several factors should be taken into consideration:

  1. Resistance to Moisture

High humidity is one of the main challenges in tropical climates. Buildings that are not resistant to moisture may experience issues such as wood decay, metal corrosion, and mold growth. It is essential to choose building materials that are moisture-resistant and provide additional protection to prevent damage caused by humidity.


  1. Resistance to Sunlight and High Temperatures

Strong sunlight and high temperatures are significant characteristics of tropical climates. Buildings that are not resistant to sunlight and heat may experience excessive heating, resulting in poor indoor comfort and increased reliance on air conditioning. Building materials with high reflectivity to sunlight and the ability to reduce heat absorption are ideal choices for tropical climates.


  1. UV Protection

Intense exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation is another characteristic of tropical climates. UV rays can cause fading or discoloration of building materials and accelerate the aging process. It is important to choose building materials that are UV-resistant and provide adequate protection.


  1. Good Ventilation

In addition to selecting materials that are suitable for tropical weather, proper ventilation in buildings is also crucial. Good ventilation promotes air circulation and reduces the accumulation of heat indoors. This can be achieved by installing operable windows, efficient roof ventilation, and room designs that allow for good airflow.


Choosing the Right Colors, in addition to selecting the right materials, choosing the appropriate colors is also important in designing tropical buildings in Indonesia. Consider the following factors:

  1. Heat Reflectivity

The selection of colors with high heat reflectivity can help reduce excessive heat buildup in buildings. Earth tone colors can create charming, comfortable, and impressive tropical buildings. This helps maintain a cool indoor temperature.


  1. Harmonization with the Environment

Indonesia boasts diverse and beautiful tropical landscapes. Choosing colors that blend well with the surrounding environment can create a harmonious and natural impression. Opting for colors that resemble natural elements, such as green, brown, or earth tones, can help integrate the building with its natural surroundings.


  1. Aesthetics and Architectural Style

Color selection should also reflect the building's architectural style and personal preferences. Classic colors, such as cream, gray, or dark brown, are often used to create an elegant and timeless look for tropical buildings.

Color is an important element that can create a warm, natural, and harmonious atmosphere with the surrounding environment. One interesting color choice to use in tropical buildings in Indonesia is Earth Tone COLORBOND®. The latest innovation from COLORBOND® is most suitable for buildings in tropical areas in Indonesia.

  1. Gull Grey

Describes a bright yet calm ambiance in a space, providing an exclusive appearance.


Gull Grey.jpg




  1. Angsana Stone

is inspired by the natural stones of Borobudur Temple, which evoke a strong and secure impression while still providing serenity.






Angsana Stone.jpg


COLORBOND® Angsana Stone

  1. Sonata Blue

Sonata Blue is a serene blue color, inspired by the tranquility of the Gogol River in Papua New Guinea. This color will provide a sense of a solid and characterful building while remaining cool and comfortable.


sonata blue.jpg


COLORBOND® Sonata Blue

  1. Monument

A dark gray color that creates a dramatic impression, inspired by the dark patterns of volcanic rock formations.





  1. Dune

Inspired by the formations of desert landscapes, it can certainly serve as a fresh inspiration when applied to property types that evoke a simple and elegant impression.









  1. Iron

Inspired by the texture of solid rocks, it provides a natural impression with a modern style. It can be flexibly combined with other colors to create various harmonious combinations.




     COLORBOND® Iron


In the warm and humid tropical climate of Indonesia, the selection of appropriate building materials and colors becomes crucial. Colors that reflect heat, such as earth tones or neutrals, help reduce excessive heat buildup in buildings. Discover various earth tone color inspirations with COLORBOND®. Achieve a modern look and long-lasting protection with COLORBOND® by contacting us .


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