Why Colorbond®?

image Sustainability & Thermal Efficiency
Sustainability & Thermal Efficiency

image Five Layers of Protection
Five Layers of Protection

image Fire Performance
Fire Performance

image Warranty Backed by BlueScope
Warranty Backed by BlueScope

image Easy to Maintain
Easy to Maintain

image Make Sure It\s Genuine
Make Sure It\s Genuine

Why Colorbond®?

Sustainability & Thermal Efficiency

Sustainability: COLORBOND® steel is durable and resilient to Australia's harsh climate and its long life helps conserve resources and energy that may otherwise be invested in products with a shorter life span. All COLORBOND® steel contains recycled content and the steel itself in COLORBOND® steel is 100% recyclable. In some cases it can be reused without reprocessing, again saving on energy and resource use.
Thermal efficiency: Choosing the right roof colour and roofing material can mean real savings on energy bills and help create more comfortable temperatures within a home. Nine of the core Standard colours in the COLORBOND® steel range together with the five Matt colours feature special Thermatech® solar reflectance technology. Thermatech® technology is designed to reflect more of the sun’s heat on hot sunny days, which can help keep homes cooler in the dry season.* In addition, choosing pale toned roofs may also contribute to cooler local communities. Note that any potential glare problems that are sometimes associated with metal roofs may be overcome with design elements like orientation and roof pitch.

The solar absorptance of the different colours varies, and can be checked by comparing the values printed on the back of COLORBOND® steel swatches and on our colour pages.

*Results will depend on roof colour, roof shape, level and location of insulation, type, location, shape, and function of the building.